Diario del proyecto Flood Park Bioblitz September 2019

28 de septiembre de 2019

Potential Traffic Issues on Marsh Road

There will be road construction tomorrow morning on Marsh Road. Please find an alternative route, and/or give yourself some extra time to arrive at the BioBlitz

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21 de septiembre de 2019

An Urban BioBlitz!

Dear friends - Please come to the BioBlitz at Flood Park on September 28 (information above). This small county park has quite a few unexpected treasures within, from under-explored edges to a profusion of oak habitat rare for San Mateo county. Unlike most BioBlitzes, this one involves no hiking, no elevation changes, few-to-no natural hazards, and no time limits pushing you away from interesting sightings: in other words, a no sweat blitz!

This is an ideal BioBlitz for inviting your friends who have been curious about this activity, or youngsters looking for a starter blitz. Many of the pathways in the park are even paved, so this is genuinely ADA accessible, too.

Hope to see many of you here.

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