Some quick keys and IDs.

Short notes for identifying the smaller genera..

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Linum on the Peninsula:

L. africanum - style fused halfway (all other species are free), sepals with membranous edges, leaves opposite below alternate above.
L..thesioides - leaves alternate, sepals fringed with stiff hairs, flower stalks sparsely hairy
L. thunburgii - leaves opposite below. sepals very sparsely fringed
L. brevistylum - leaves opposite below, outer sepals fringed, corolla <10mm long
L. quadrifolium - leaves 4-whorled, sepals toothed, stipular glands throughout (not just on lower plant).

The yellow flowers and style make seeing fusion difficult - take in shade. Photograph lower leaves.
africanum everywhere, thesioides dry granites, thunburgii damp humic soils south, quadrifolium damp shaded north, brevistylum - sands

hints. L. africanum often reverse of petals red; floriferrous, woody
L. thesoides often orange stemmed - flowers in umbells.
Others sparsely flowered.

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