Galiano Tree Find

As part of this year's Biodiversity Series, you are challenged to find (and photograph) ten trees native to Galiano Island.

Download a Checklist for the species in question at:

When making your observations, try to capture as much detail as possible. It may be necessary to take two photographs for each tree: one of the tree as a whole; the other a close up of some detail, like bark or needles, to help with the ID.

Take note of details about your observation, including the date and place. You might ask yourself questions, like, "Where does the tree grow?" and "What other trees are nearby?" If you are feeling creative, you might even come up with a story about your relationship to the tree, or consider giving it a name.

When uploading remember you can include more than one photo per observation if necessary. Also include in the description one thing that you learned about the tree.

Once you've completed the checklist, send a message to the project curator to win a family-sized pizza at Babes in the Woods!

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