CT Greenwich Park Bioblitz 2017

To all of you whom I'm tagging, please join the project and spread the word if you're planning to participate in the bioblitz: @sarahnahabedian, @jessicalodwick @elphick, @cisneros32, @jdlech83 @jockusch, @kaitgallagher, @billryerson, @karolina, @msandor, @paul0lewis, @rscapers, @sabinap, @uzaysezen, @beavigal, @mliberati, @quercusamanda, @schultz16, @bryofighter, @bchenry, @lizmarie55

Feel free to share the project link over social media too.

@susanhewitt, @tsn, @charlie, we'd welcome your identification skills when observations roll in on Sept 15-16.

Publicado por mickley mickley, 05 de septiembre de 2017



I am happy to do what I can, but that may not be as much as usual, as I will be in California in a hotel with poor WiFi.

Publicado por susanhewitt hace más de 3 años (Marca)

Definitely! send me a reminder :)

Publicado por charlie hace más de 3 años (Marca)

I look forward to helping as much as I can.

Publicado por tsn hace más de 3 años (Marca)

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