Herp Season Arrives in New York

It's that time of year again - when the first warm spring rains bring amphibians out in search of love of breeding ponds and turtles and snakes begin to crawl out from their winter hiding places. As exciting a time as it is for those of us who love herps, it is a dangerous time for them. Significant numbers of these animals are killed on roads every year. Here in the Canisius College Vertebrate Conservation, members of Dr. Foster's Applied Conservation Team are working to help reduce the impacts of roads on our local reptiles and amphibians. By submitting your sightings to this project, you can help us to map road crossing hotspots for all species of herpetofauna in western and central NY!

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This project aims to use citizen-science data to aid in the identification of road-crossing hotspots for reptiles and amphibians in New York State. Road mortality is a significant contributor to herpetofauna population losses. Improving our knowledge of the distribution of reptile and amphibian species across the state will help us to develop a model of road-crossing risk that can ...más ↓

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