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19 de julio de 2019

Welcome New People!

Hello everybody!

I have been woefully neglectful of this wonderful project. I hope you have enjoyed using iNaturalist and exploring the app and website a little. I haven't had the time to nurture a loving community here, but I wanted to make two announcements!

If you have "joined" the project by clicking the "join" button in the top corner, but you have not personally contacted me asking to be added, then your observations are not being included! Easy way to check, scroll down and see if your name is in the list of observers. If it's not, just send me a note and let me know! If your iNat account is new and you're not able to send messages, feel free to DM me on tumblr:

Second, if you need a little more "community," iNat has a Discord server! I am on there (sometimes), and there are lots of active users, some of whom are also in this group! Feel free to join and introduce yourself, and you can get lots of help using iNat, learning about nature, taking better photos, all sorts of things:

Hot tip: If you have an observation that you need help getting an ID for, you can @ people! Don't be shy, worst case scenario, they don't reply!

Have fun!

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