Fiddler and Ghost Crabs added as a 'Complete taxon'

I expanded the purview of this project from just Fiddler crabs to the Fiddler and Ghost crab family Ocypodidae. Since iNaturalist's taxonomy for this group now matches WoRMs, I've locked this clade down by making it a Ocypodidae a 'complete taxon' with @msr and I as taxon curators for the group.

The WoRMs taxonomy includes 133 species in this clade:
26 Ghost Crabs (Ocypodinae)
2 Mangrove Ghost Crabs (Ucidinae)
105 Fiddler Crabs (Gelasiminae & Ucinae)

WoRMs fiddler crabs match with the following discrepancies:
1) uses Uca (sensu lato) and WoRMs uses Uca (sensu stricto) as I discussed in detail here
2) lumps Tubuca australiae in with Tubuca (Uca) demani
3) Leptuca panacea, L. pugilator, L. pygmaea, L. subcylindrica, L. thayeri, & L. umbratila in the Minuca group and Austruca sindensis in the Paraleptuca group
4) treats (sub)genus Australuca as separate from Tubuca

WoRMs ghost crabs match Sakai and Türkay, 2013 with the following discrepancies:
1) Sakai and Türkay consider Ocypode occidentalis swapped with Hoplocypode occidentalis
2) Sakai and Türkay consider Ocypode longicornuta lumped with Ocypode ceratophthalmus
3) Sakai and Türkay consider Ocypode platytarsis lumped with Ocypode brevicornis
4) Sakai and Türkay consider Ocypode pygoides lumped with Ocypode convexa
5) Sakai and Türkay consider Ocypode sinensis lumped with Ocypode cordimana

Regarding the two species of Mangrove Ghost Crabs (Ucides), Ucides cordatus occurs on the Atlantic side and Ucides occidentalis occurs on the Pacific side of the American continent.

Update: Made the changes suggested by msr below

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2. actually treats Tubuca australiae as a synonym of Tubuca demani, not a subspecies. Most researchers do not believe it is a valid distinct species (it is known entirely from a single dead and somewhat damaged specimen found washed up on the Australian coast), although a few have argued we should keep it as potentially valid until proven otherwise

3. I suspect there are a few more discrepancies between and WoRMS, for example, has Uca (Minuca) pugilator rather than Leptuca pugilator. The reality is that a lot of the Minuca/Leptuca split is a bit unstable and it really isn't entirely clear which group the borderline species belong in, so they bounce back and forth a bit depending on the study (a distinct disadvantage of forcing them into separate genera). It might even be that neither is group is entirely distinct, requiring even more splits in the American broad-fronts (this is in part where Petruca came from, which is a (sub)genus with only a single species). In some cases, it also may be that I've just simply failed to update the subgenera (e.g., I have to go back and look at the data, but I actually would have assumed I had sindensis in Austruca already...Paraleptuca was an older division which I apparently failed to update).

Another discrepancy is I still more-or-less accept Australuca as separate from Tubuca, although I admit the evidence suggests that they might need to be merged.

In the next month or two, I'll have to try to do an audit of some of the (sub)genera to see if some necessary changes have fallen through the cracks.

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thanks - updated the post

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