I just happened to notice that this project has reached 1,200 observations AND 510 different species. As you're out and about at different locations in Meriden, please take a few moments and document what you see, from lichens to mammals and everything in between. Perhaps at some point, someone will find value in the observations and data from this project.

I'm also interested in establishing a pollinator pathway through the city, and I'd love it if we could pay special attention to what's pollinating the wildflowers.

I hope also that more people will become interested in documenting the many different life forms that we have here in our little city. If you haven't already, please join me!


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Even in a small city like Meriden, nature is all around us. Let's reconnect to the natural world. Stop and observe, look for something that might otherwise go unnoticed. This citizen science project is one in which everyone can participate. Perhaps it will offer a platform for Scouts and schools to teach children, and perhaps some adults will discover or rekindle a love for wild things.

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