16 de marzo de 2020

So many places to observe in Meriden!

I love an excuse to get outside and observe nature. Sure, I like to go for walks, but ever since I joined iNaturalist a few years ago, I have become much more in tune to the diversity of life around me. I like taking walks with a purpose, and my purpose is to see what I can find that is new to me. I usually can be found with my phone, camera, and binoculars.

If you're new to iNaturalist or to this project, welcome! Meriden has many places to observe nature, including Hubbard Park, Giuffrida Park, Hanover Pond, and the Red Bridge and Hanover Pond Trails. We have other smaller ponds, such as Baldwins Pond, Beaver Pond, and Bishops Pond on Research Parkway. We also have the Meriden Green, which I personally need to spend more time visiting with an eye on birds and insects especially. We have many other little parks throughout the city. We have Mountain Mist. We have cemeteries. We have our own backyards.

One of my long-term goals is to establish a pollinator pathway here in Meriden. As part of that, I hope to get people interested in planting more native plants and shrubs. Once you start observing life in your backyard, you might find you are more willing to plant natives.

Contact me with questions. I hope you have fun using iNaturalist! Maybe I'll see you on the trail sometime.


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26 de mayo de 2019


I just happened to notice that this project has reached 1,200 observations AND 510 different species. As you're out and about at different locations in Meriden, please take a few moments and document what you see, from lichens to mammals and everything in between. Perhaps at some point, someone will find value in the observations and data from this project.

I'm also interested in establishing a pollinator pathway through the city, and I'd love it if we could pay special attention to what's pollinating the wildflowers.

I hope also that more people will become interested in documenting the many different life forms that we have here in our little city. If you haven't already, please join me!


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09 de agosto de 2018

1,000+ observations!

We have now surpassed 1,000 observations in Meriden! As of this writing, we have observed 428 different species. I'm sure that most people have no idea as to the diversity of life found in our little city. I am still amazed at what I observe just in my own backyard (literally) as well as when I'm out on a trail or visiting a pond.

I hope that more people will join the search for lifeforms in Meriden. I believe that it's important to recognize the diversity of plants, animals, insects, and other lifeforms found in the city. It helps reinforce how important it is to preserve and value open space as well as our own backyards, which definitely can contribute to habitats.

Happy searching!

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30 de marzo de 2018


I've been trying to visit Hanover Pond regularly to see what birds are passing through. I recently saw hooded mergansers and common mergansers. Today I saw some grebes, as well as a female common merganser. They were pretty far out, so I didn't get the best photos of them. I'm hoping to spot a common loon at some point. Please share what you observe anywhere in town!

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