Changes to which species are automatically obscured in Canada

On the iNaturalist Canada Portal, the iNaturalist Canada Steering Committee has announced a change to both how the list of automatically obscured species is generated in Canada and which species are listed. The changes will come into effect December 6, 2021.

The details of these changes are posted here:

The list is available here:

If you’d like to ensure you get future updates from iNaturalist Canada, you can set your iNaturalist affiliation to iNaturalist Canada by going to Profile -> Edit account settings and profile -> Account and then choose "" from the dropdown menu.

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Several months back I had a little verbal set to with a specialist from Europe who did not understand why I would obscure the geolocation of some of my Peregrine Falcon observations. I explained that I did that solely for the same reasons that are governing the creation of the STHP list. I have parallel concerns regarding wood turtle observations and thus I'm very happy to see both of these species on the STHP list. I strongly applaud this effort and thank you all for the careful considerations which I'm sure went into creation and application of the listings. Well done!

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for your message. But just to clarify, the NHIC is not on the iNaturalist Canada Steering Committee, we just wanted to help get the word out about these changes.


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