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14 de octubre de 2017


Nominations are invited for Observation of the Month.

Any one can nominate! Please merely add this project to any deserving observations.

And then periodically see what is there and click on the "faves" button of any observation you feel is particularly outstanding. Note that you can add as many faves as you like (only one per observation though)


  1. Add this project to the observation to nominate it.
  2. Vote on the observation by "faving" it,
    AND: then at the end of each month (actually 1 week later to allow the late entries a fair chance), the faves will be tallied and a winner posted at:

You can vote for as many nominated observations as you wish.

To see how many faves an observation has go to Observations (List, Grid or Map View), and apply the following filters:

  • by project: Nominations: Observation of the month (s afr)
  • by month
  • and Order descending by Faves

The eligible observations nominated for Observation of the Month will be evaluated at a random time on the afternoon of the first Sunday after 7 days from the beginning of the next month. The nominations and faves at that moment will be used to determine the Observation of the Month.

Observations that are not eligible (nominated for the wrong period, or posted after the closing date), may be removed from this project by the curators and managers without notification.
The decision is final: discussion and opinions are welcome but will not alter the outcome, nor will any faves after the deadline.

Thanks to Alexander for suggesting how this should work.

In the event of a tie by faves

  • the highest sum of the Faves + IDs + Comments will be the winner
    ** iteoat: the highest number of Comments will be the winner
    ****iteoat: the most recently registered user will be the winner

How to sneak a preview

Use this url and change the date settings:

this says: show observations in grid view
for place = southern Africa
for project = nominations for observation of the month (southern Africa)
for the dates: first day of month, last day of month.
(to see the leading nomination for the year, add the first day of the year and last day of the year instead)

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