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10 de enero de 2023

2022 Observations of the month

We have been very slack for 2022 and have not done any of our observations of the month. Time to play catchup.

These are the nominations. Note that you can still nominate observations until the voting date.

Time to finalize nominations and to Vote for the Months of 2022 These are:

January: Select and vote for January
Deadline: 4 February DONE

February: Peruse and decide for February
Deadline: 11 February DONE

March: Explore and Fave for March
Deadline: 18 February DONE

April: Explore and Fave for April
Deadline: 25 February DONE

May: Explore and Fave for May
Deadline: 4 March DONE

June: Explore and Fave for June
Deadline: 11 March DONE

July: Explore and Fave for July
Deadline: 18 March DONE

August: Explore and Fave for August
Deadline: 25 March DONE

September: Explore and Fave for September
Deadline: 2 April DONE

October: Peruse and decide for October
Deadline: 8 April DONE

November: Peruse and decide for November
Deadline: 15 April DONE

December: Explore and Fave for December
Deadline: 22 April UNDER REVIEW

We will continue with 2023 after the City Nature Challenge. Please remember to nominate and vote for any outstanding observations.

See previous winners here:
(the project is here:

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