September 20 Update - Equinox Edition

Two/thirds of the way through September - we are over 2100 research grade observations on the month, 66 species, over 150 contributors. These numbers continue to put us on track for our best September ever.

We are still at 139 species for the year, equaling the total for 2019 and 2020.

With monicap273's trip to Columbiana Co, we now have Eastern Pondhawk recorded in all 88 counties for 2021. Yay. monicap273 also came to the rescue in Lawrence Co - Widow Skimmer also now in all 88.

Still looking for some observations to get select species to 88 counties for 2021:
For Blue Dasher - Tuscarawas
For Common Whitetail - Lawrence, Marion, Monroe, Vinton

A couple observers have asked for a little longer list of species:
For Fragile Forktail - Jackson, Meigs, Pike
For Eastern Forktail - Lawrence, Mahoning, Monroe, Morgan, Pike, Vinton
For Eastern Amberwing - Guernsey, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Preble

Nothing else is close. Blue-fronted Dancer recorded in 71 counties, Ebony Jewelwing in 68, Violet Dancer in 66, and the flight season on these is winding down. I expected more counties for Autumn Meadowhawk, but so far reported in only 44.

Counties on the low end for the year:

County Observations Species #People
Lawrence 38 15 5
Van Wert 34 21 2
Gallia 25 17 4
Meigs 23 12 3
Carroll 22 14 3
Monroe 16 11 3
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Thanks for the update.

Publicado por sallypsandpiper hace alrededor de 2 años

Thanks, Jim. Did my last survey for this year at Wiregrass Lake today and only had three species, a dozen individuals. Sad to see another season ending!

Publicado por kimsmith hace alrededor de 2 años

Just a couple hours after my Sep 20 update - new data from monicap273 for Lawrence Co! We now have datapoints for Widow Skimmer, Blue Dasher, and Fragile Forktail. Thanks!

Publicado por jimlem hace alrededor de 2 años

Jim, I'm way behind in entering records, but I have some for Carroll and Monroe that aren't in yet (I'm still working on July, but I don't have nearly as many records as past years).

Publicado por dmcshaffrey hace alrededor de 2 años

Fragile forktail 88; Eastern forktail in lawrence, morgan, pike and Vinton, just need to upload. Gave up on Eastern amberwing when I got a miss in meigs. Pic of a really cool tortoise in my rounds...nature is iS amazing. Mahoning and monroe this weekend if the weather holds out. (I don't know why it's underlining stuff. ) Happy dragon hunting!

Publicado por monicap273 hace alrededor de 2 años

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