Mar 05 - Are You Ready for Some Dragons?

Several Common Green Darners arrived in Greene Co on Mar 6, 2022 marking the earliest Ohio Odonata observations last year. iNaturalist now has reports of adult Dragonflies in Georgia and Alabama. So it won't be long until our 2023 season starts.

Below is a chart of species ranked by early date of adult Odonata observation (Ohio Odonata Society database). 10 or 11 day segments are then charted by span (color band - first to last) and occurrence within the span (noted by asterisk). Where there is a gap in the span, there is no asterisk. The coloration is related to Odonata groups: Darner is red, Skimmer is purple, etc).

This is a reduced version of the whole chart, which has all 173 species and some additional datapoints. A PDF version can be emailed if you are interested - message me with your preferred email address (if I don't have it already).

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