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01 de enero de 2021

Happy New Year

Dragonfly submissions for 2020 are now complete. The new data will now be integrated into the Ohio Odonata Society database.

Some 2020 numbers. For observations of adults in the wild (not nymphs or greenhouse): earliest was March 28; latest was November 20. Interestingly, both of these dates involved multiple people, species, and locations. So, basically an eight month span of Odonata flying across Ohio.

The 2020 observation count (2020 observations submitted in 2020) stands at 22,507, submitted by 1287 different observers. 20,693 observations were community approved as "Research Grade" - and included 139 species.

These numbers compare favorably to historical numbers - the iNaturalist survey project had good participation beyond the end of the official state-wide survey (2017-2019). Thanks for your participation and interest.

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