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02 de junio de 2021

June Update

Happy June on this rainy day - giving me a chance to catch up on things.

We're off and running on Dragonfly Survey numbers now. From our iNat usage stats, May 2021 had 2,014 new observations from 257 unique observers. Only 2019 has a higher month for May observation count. We're considerably ahead of 2020.

June is the best time to get out to your favorite wetlands. We have more species recorded in June than any month - with species diversity peaking mid-month.

On the year (as of right now 2PM Jun2) we have recorded 84 species with confirmed IDs. This is basically half of our Ohio species.

For the second year in a row, Fragile Forktail leads the early season. This is a change from the past - it's typically been Eastern Forktail. I'm not sure if we're just seeing more Fragiles or if there is a transition underway. But those are the numbers - almost 100 more Fragile observations (333) than Eastern (237). Blue Dasher and Eastern Pondhawk will soon take the lead as their numbers pick up - and they are pretty ubiquitous.

Stay Safe - Good Luck!

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