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02 de septiembre de 2022

September Update

September can have some great days to be out! Clear skies and moderate temps make it good for me. Ode numbers diminishing, but some cool things still in flight. Look for Mosaic Darners, and for migrating swarms of Common Green Darner and Black Saddlebags.

Elusive Clubtails have been sighted, bringing the species list to 134 on the year. Still hoping for Ocellated Darner, Striped Saddlebags, Variegated Meadowhawk.

Also looking for a couple things to add to the County Complete list: Eastern Forktail in Scioto Co and Eastern Amberwing in Pike Co.

August has over 5,000 new research grade observations. This number will increase a bit as people get things submitted. We're over 8,500 RG for July, and over 11,000 for June.

Stark and Franklin Co's have the most observations so far with over 2,000 observations. Lucas Co is close as well. Counties on the low end are Ross and Van Wert Co's, both with fewer than 50 submissions.

Montgomery has 75 species so far. Guernsey, Van Wert, and Knox are all below 20 species.

Good efforts, thanks everyone.

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11 de septiembre de 2022

September - 10 days in...

A little bit of clouds and rain today, but we did pretty well in the first 10 days of September. There have been some reports of darner-swarms as they move south. So, there's that.

Ocellated Darners had several observations (Geauga Co), joining Elusive Clubtails (Hamilton Co) as additional species for the year - now at 135. We also had some additional reports on Red Saddlebags (Coshocton Co) - so come on Striped Saddlebags and Variegated Meadowhawk!

Thanks to rasamoto (9/1) and monicap273 (9/9) for the Pike Co Eastern Amberwing submissions - these observations make Eastern Amberwing our sixth County-Complete species. Previously we had Fragile Forktail, Widow Skimmer, Blue Dasher, Common Whitetail, and Eastern Pondhawk as County-Complete. Just now we got Eastern Forktail | Scioto Co from monicap273! This makes only the fifth observation for Eastern Forktail in Scioto Co..

August is close to 5,400 new research grade observations. We're over 8,700 RG for July, and already at 1,300+ for August. Getting close to 31,000 observations for the year, the record is 32,570 from 2019 - I think we're in range if the weather holds up.

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23 de septiembre de 2022

Happy Equinox

Another September, another passing of the seasons.

Additional observations are coming in for September and some for earlier months, and for some earlier years! Data points have utility, even when it complicates keeping track!

September is currently over 2,400 research grade observations. Good. At this point only 1,000 behind 2019, which is nearly the same amount we are behind 2019 on the year. 2022 now around 31,500. It appears we're in for some cooler temperatures, but Odes will fly with sunshine. Don't stop looking.

Many species will have their best year ever for 2022. A few species that are already past their previous peak year: Common Whitetail, Eastern Amberwing, Ebony Jewelwing, Violet Dancer, Blue-tipped Dancer, Slaty Skimmer, Orange Bluet, Black Saddlebags, Painted Skimmer, and Great Blue Skimmer.

Looking for some additional county observations. These counties have fewer than 100 observations:

less than 90:

less than 80:
Van Wert

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