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03 de abril de 2023

April 3 Update! No longer waiting -

Common Green Darners reported flying today (Apr 3) in Montgomery and Lucas Counties - making these the first Dragonflies for 2023. We've had a number of nymph observations reported in iNaturalist, but until today, no adults. 2023 is the first year without March Dragonflies since 2015.

Odonata numbers begin to build in April. We have April observations every year since 2002. Before the recent survey we had many years in the single digits. Starting with the survey year (2017 forward) we're averaging close to 150 for April.

April numbers are not what we will see in May, but worth watching for. Here’s a map of Counties with observations in April. Darker where observations are in the last 5 years. Franklin and Montgomery are the clear leaders in number of April observations. Many counties (22) have only one or two observations. Notice counties that are white – no April observations. If your county isn’t dark pink, here’s your chance to make your mark.

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16 de abril de 2023

April 16 - Off and Running...

What a difference two weeks makes. On April 2 we were still looking for our first Dragonflies of the year. Now we have 155 observations from 47 different people, covering 10 species.

Common Green Darner is far and away the most observed with over 100 records. Other migrants that have arrived are Variegated Meadowhawk, Citrine Forktail, and Carolina Saddlebags. Blue Corporal, Eastern Forktail, and Fragile Forktail have started their emergence, other locals will follow soon.

31 Counties have Apr 2023 observations. Holmes and Huron Counties now have their first ever April observations. Refer to the previous post for a map of counties for April.

These are good numbers - for comparison, 2022 only had 23 observations in the period Apr 1-16. The current April numbers are just short of the total for a similar date range for all the OOS database.

Some warm weather certainly helped. Carry on!

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29 de abril de 2023

April 28 - Doing Well

April is nearly complete. At this point we have doubled the number of Apr 2022 observations. Our observations now span 40 counties. We recorded our first ever Apr observations for Harrison, Holmes, Huron, Mahoning, Noble, and Union Counties.

The only species from Apr 2022 not yet recorded is Aurora Damsel. Common Green Darner has the most records by a wide margin. 15 confirmed species.

We have 2 new county records (Southern Spreadwing in Clermont Co, Swamp Darner in Pickaway Co).

We have 4 new early flight dates (Southern Spreadwing on Apr 11, Familiar Bluet on Apr 18, Red Saddlebags on Apr 19, and Skimming Bluet on Apr 27).

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