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02 de mayo de 2024

Early May

We've had a big jump in Odonata numbers over the last week.

April is officially our best survey April. Nearly 900 research grade observations, 30 species, 120+ contributors. There will be several new County Records and at least a couple new Early Flight dates.

Only 13 counties did not have observations reported. See the map below. 2024 counties are the darkest. We only have three ciunties now with no April records.

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03 de mayo de 2024

DSA Meeting Registration is open!

Registration for the Dragonfly Society of the Americas meeting this June in Marietta is now open. This is the first time Ohio has hosted DSA, so it's an event! We hope to see you there.

Connect at

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19 de mayo de 2024

Mid-May update

Dragonflies are in the air in increasing numbers now. The number of observers is also on the rise.

We are on pace with 2023 (which set new high records) for numbers and species. For 2024, there are over 3,000 observations, over 250 observers, over 70 species. The weather for the next 10 days is also favorable.

There are a number of new County Records and also some new Early Flight dates. It's challenging to keep up with everything when I want to be in the field!

We have three counties without 2024 observations - Crawford, Williams, and Wyandot. Any help there would be appreciated.

With 2024 numbers so far, six counties have met the 1,000 observation goal: Gallia, Harrison, Holmes, Huron, Morgan, and Wood. Fayette had a new County Record, which puts it at 60 species, meeting that target.

Don't forget about DSA meeting

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24 de mayo de 2024

Memorial Day update

There's still a week in May, and we're over 5,000 observations, 89 species. This is well ahead of 2023. Warm days and no flooding have helped boost observations. Also, no smoke (yet).

Still waiting on first-of-the-year observations for Williams and Wyandot Co's. Additional counties that need May observations are Columbiana, Gallia, Harrison, Henry, Mercer, Paulding, Pike, Putnam, and Van Wert. Any help in these locations would be appreciated.

The Four-spotted Skimmer is being reported - continuity from last year's irruption. Pretty cool. Also a number of new locations for Dusky Clubtail, and a couple for Handsome Clubtail.

Early flyers we'll need observations on from specific sites include Riffle Snaketail, Southern Pygmy Clubtail, Frosted Whiteface, Marsh Bluet, Northern Spreadwing, River Bluet.

Off to a great start!

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28 de mayo de 2024

Holiday Weekend update

Great weather and 3-day weekend boosted numbers. We're over 6,000 observations for May, and over 7,000 for the year. We picked up a couple of the early rare species, now at 101 species for the state this year.

All 88 counties now have 2024 observations. Yay. Only 6 counties have not had anyone looking in May - Pike, Harrison, Paulding, Van Wert, Mercer, and Putnam. Edit - bennysaylor made it out to Harrison Co, jimlem made it to Mercer, Van Wert, Paulding, and Putnam CO’s - so we’re only missing Pike Co for May. There’s still a day!

We're only a month away from Dragonfly Society of the Americas meeting in Marietta.

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