Diario del proyecto SANParks Honorary Rangers contributions

11 de julio de 2024

Umbrella and main projects

Here is a summary project for all our National Parks in South Africa

From this project you can easily access any park project, by just clicking on its name on the summary page.

Each of these national park projects needs a champion to help run the projects. A champion should ideally be in touch with the park management, and should post requests (via the journal page) regarding species or areas that information is required for. Periodically a summary of progress should also be posted.
Honorary Rangers are ideally positioned to be the interface between management and researchers and citizen scientists keen to help collecting data.

Specific projects may best be undertaken with special projects, designed with researchers hoping to get specific information. They can also be reported on in the project journal for the park.

If you are willing to assist, please tell us below.

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