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23 de marzo de 2023

Many Australian plants have not been photographed.


I have provided the above link so you can read the article about how citizen scientists can help by photographing Australian native plants.

As we move into winter and the weather gets colder it is difficult to find insects and some birds to photograph for iNaturalist.

Maybe the alternative is to photograph our native plants.

Many of our more colourful natives flower during winter and early spring.

According to the article some of the small plants and grasses are the ones that are overlooked.

Visit the Heathland and see what you can find and photograph.

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6 de febrero de 2023

The Map boundaries have been extended.

Hello to all those members who are contributing to the "Wonthaggi Heathlands" project.
Just to let you know the boundaries on the map have been extended to include some of the foreshore.
Thanks for all your work and if you have any questions please contact me.
Cheers Ro Kidd

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