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note 60 of Lafontaine & Schmidt (2010) includes the following key text:

Anomis was originally proposed in a list (Hübner [1821]a) with no description for either of the two included species, Anomis exacta and A. erosa. Holloway followed Nye (1975) in treating the Neotropical species Anomis exacta Hübner, [1822] as the type-species of Anomis, believing that Anomis erosa had not been validated until 1823 when it was formally described. However, Poole (1989) correctly points out that the original listing of Anomis erosa by Hübner ([1821]a) gives a figure reference to illustrations of the species that were published in 1821 in another work (Hübner [1821]b), so the correct type-species of Anomis is Anomis erosa and the genus Cosmophila Boisduval is a synonym of it.

Annotated check list of the Noctuoide... (Referencia)
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