Taxonomic Merge 31035 (Guardado el 26/07/2018)

iNat doesn't have a regional taxonomic authority for this area.

The Plant List lists Calia secundiflora as a synonym. The Plant List accepts both Sophora secundiflora and Dermatophyllum secundiflorum, so it will have to be ignored.

Plants of the World Online accepts Dermatophyllum.

SEINet accepts Dermatophyllum.

See "Dermatophyllum, the Correct Name for Calia" by Gandhi et al. 2011 which says:

"It is considered distinct from Sophora sensu stricto by the following suite of characters: woody habit; thick, coriaceous leaflets; blue, violet or white flowers; calyx with obvious teeth or lobes; flattened to terete legumes; and a geographically restricted range. This distinction is supported by molecular data ... Resurrection of this generic name followed a debate about the availability of Calia Terán & Berland. for this genus.

In early 2010, a question on the status of the parahomonyms Calea L. (1763; Asteraceae) and Calia Terán & Berland. (1832; Fabaceae) was submitted to the Nomenclature Committee for Vascular Plants for a ruling whether these two generic names are confusable. By a majority vote, the Committee concluded that these two names are confusable and that Calia is to be treated as a later homonym (Brummitt, 2011: 231–232). The Committee’s voting was approved by the Eighteenth International Botanical Congress, held at Melbourne, Australia, in July 2011...."

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@kueda @foresterbabberney @sandboa @sambiology any thoughts before I commit this one?

Publicado por bouteloua hace alrededor de 5 años (Marca)

Sounds like it comports with our policies, but we'll want to delete if you commit this.

Publicado por kueda hace alrededor de 5 años (Marca)

It breaks my heart because I know the plant as Sophora, but yep, I think it's a legit change. Commit the heart-breaking taxon merge. :)

Publicado por sambiology hace alrededor de 5 años (Marca)

Whoops, forgot about this one. I added a snippet about "why," deleted @kueda's other taxon swap, and committed it.

Publicado por bouteloua hace más de 4 años (Marca)

Thanks for committing this change, cassi. I am inconsolable and weeping because of the loss of "Sophora secondiflora" - a favorite of mine to say.

I guess I'll have to get used to "Dermatophyllum secundiflorum." Ugh.


Publicado por sambiology hace más de 4 años (Marca)

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