Taxon merge aaaaaa 48px Taxonomic Merge 43008 (Guardado en 18/12/2018)

1 Month notice given to the Taxon change with no objections.

Taxon Change to conform with ‘Plants Of The World Online’

Plants of the World Online (Referencia)
w_martin en 2018-11-18 | w_martin en 18/12/2018
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Intensions to Change Taxon need discussion please. I'll speak to Kew Science regarding 'Metrosideros angustifolia' before any change is implemented.

Publicado por w_martin hace alrededor de 1 año (Marca)

Please commit: confusing people in South Africa - time to move on ...

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace 12 meses (Marca)
Publicado por tonyrebelo hace 12 meses (Marca)

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