Aviso: Some or all of the identifications affected by this split may have been replaced with identifications of Melanitta. This happens when we can't automatically assign an identification to one of the output taxa. Review identifications of Melanitta fusca 7032

Taxon split aaaaaa 48px Taxonomic Split 45717 (Guardado en 04/12/2019)

The eBird/Clements checklist of birds... (Referencia)
maxkirsch en 2019-01-11 | loarie en 04/12/2019
dividido en



Any reason not to commit this?

Publicado por bouteloua hace 11 meses (Marca)

This should be done.

By the way, this is getting really weird now, with both M. fusca deglandi and M. deglandi existing, as well as most North American and Asian records still being M. fusca.

Publicado por raymie hace 9 meses (Marca)
Publicado por bouteloua hace 9 meses (Marca)

This taxon change is now (or soon will be) obsolete, as NACC have now split into three not two species, and Clements will presumably follow

Publicado por rjq hace 6 meses (Marca)

Clement's is splitting deglandi and stejnegeri


Publicado por raymie hace 6 meses (Marca)

Probably makes sense to do two splits sequentially, so have drafted a new taxon split for deglandi

Publicado por rjq hace 6 meses (Marca)

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