Taxonomic Swap 78614 (Guardado el 23/06/2020)

Trying to force completion of a previous, partially completed swap.

POWO (Plants of the World Online) (Referencia)
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Hi @joshua_tx, correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you may have reactivated Opuntia lindheimeri linguiformis after it was inactivated by this taxon swap. If so, I suggest that you document the reason(s) in a flag on the taxon, and in a Taxon Framework Relationship ( showing the deviation from POWO, so that other curators know that the deviation is intentional and don't try to make this swap again.

For what it's worth, I have no knowledge or opinion about this particular taxon. I just happened to notice that it was the input taxon to a previous taxon merge ( that appeared to have stalled about halfway through the 700+ observations affected. So all I did was commit a new swap to force completion, which seemed to work at the time -- until I noticed that the input taxon had been reactivated by someone. (FYI generally taxon changes should be undone using newly created taxa, not by reactivating old ones from previous changes, otherwise it can mess up the system.)

Beyond that, I have no interest in being part of a curatorial "edit-war" on this, so will defer to you to document the appropriate deviation from POWO (which I note now considers both taxa to be part of Opuntia englemannii var. lindheimeri).

@gcwarbler this will also interest you.

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