Taxonomic Swap 113408 (Guardado el 14/08/2022)

Kirby originally described the species X. peckii as a patronym for probably William Peck. The related species X. rossii (= X. vesparum) was described immediately above as a patronym for probably Pietro Rossi, which already had an "i" at the end of his last name. Kirby was probably trying to be consistent.
There is no doubt Kirby meant for the genitive ending -ii. I have seen no usage of the single "i" in the same publication by Kirby. ICZN Article 33.4 states "The use of the genitive ending -i in a subsequent spelling of a species-group name that is a genitive based upon a personal name in which the correct original spelling ends with -ii, or vice versa, is deemed to be an incorrect subsequent spelling, even if the change in spelling is deliberate; the same rule applies to the endings -ae and -iae, -orum and -iorum, and -arum and -iarum." Based on this, the name Xenos pecki is also rendered unavailable.

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