Aarav Mishra

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🍂 I joined iNaturalist in 2023 to help identify some Pyrops.

🔎 I help identify other people's sightings when I can. I do the best I can, which is passable but far from perfect. I'm just an ordinary person plodding along and make mistakes (I am just a ten year old kid, but I am a fan of Fulgoridae and Hemispharius: But I am intrested and can id mushrooms and protozoans too!). I don't say much info when id but will usually respond if you tag me or want more info on the species and reasons for my ids.

👎 If you don't like my ids interfering with yours, you are free to mute me in your account settings.

🤔 I am currently working on finding info on each and every pyrops species and creating an ultimate guide to the genus.

📷 Current Profile Photo: From my Amata cyssea moth observation.

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