Short-billed Pigeon

Patagioenas nigrirostris

Overview 1

The Short-billed Pigeon forms part of the Plumbeous Pigeon (Patagioenas plumbea) species-group, and is most similar to the Ruddy Pigeon (Patagioenas subvinacea) in appearance. However, perhaps counter-intuitively, although the Short-billed Pigeon’s bill is indeed very short, it is larger and stouter than that of Ruddy Pigeon. Other differences from the latter species include the rather darker back. Short-billed Pigeons are widespread and generally common in Middle America, from southeast Mexico south to Panama, and also reach northernmost Colombia. The species ranges to at least 1500 m, and is usually found in the forest canopy or at the forest edge, although it will descend almost to ground level to feed on certain, favored fruits.

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