Pale-vented Pigeon

Patagioenas cayennensis

Overview 2

Pale-vented Pigeon is a widespread pigeon of humid lowland forest edge. It is dull pink overall, with rusty tones on the upperwing coverts, a gray head, a white throat, and characteristic whitish lower belly and undertail coverts. The primaries are blackish and the tail is gray with a slightly paler terminal band. The distinctive call is a series of repeated three-note cooing phrases. This species occurs from southern Mexico south to western Ecuador and northern Argentina. It inhabits more open habitats than many sympatric congeners, favoring forest edge, forest patches in open habitats, and riverine habitats. Pale-vented Pigeons feed largely on berries, and can be encountered alone or in flocks, particularly at fruiting trees. The stick nest is placed in a shrub or small tree.

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