Gray Hawk

Buteo plagiatus

Overview 2

A tropical species that barely crosses the border into Arizona and Texas, the Gray Hawk is an elegant, raincloud-gray raptor with neatly barred underparts. They spend their days gracefully soaring over open areas or perched in cottonwoods, willows, and mesquites along lowland streams. They patiently watch for lizards, then catch them with a swift dart toward the ground. Gray Hawks are small for a hawk in the genus Buteo, and their longish tails and flap-and-glide flight style can make them resemble accipiters.

Differences 2

The Gray Hawk and Gray-lined Hawk are technically two different species but the American Ornithologist Union does not recognize the grey hawk and grey-lined hawk as two different species.

Photograph 2

This photo was not taken at Cocobolo but Grey Hawks have been seen there. The photo was taken at Gatun Lake.

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