White-vented Plumeleteer

Chalybura buffonii

Overview 1

The White-vented Plumeleteer is a large, solid hummingbird of forest and clearings in Panama, Colombia, northwestern Venezuela, and southwestern Ecuador. Both sexes are bright green overall, with some blue on the throat and breast and bright white undertail coverts. They can be distinguished from sympatric populations of the Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer (C. urochrysia) by their dark feet and deep blue tails. Note, however, that the race of White-vented in southwestern Ecuador (C. b. intermedia) has red feet like the Bronze-tailed. This species occurs in a forest, edge habitats, clearings, and scrub in both dry and humid situations. It feeds on the nectar from a variety of flowers and is particularly inclined to flycatch for aerial insects or even glean insects from foliage.

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