Brown-hooded Parrot

Pyrilia haematotis

Overview 1

The Brown-hooded Parrot forms a species-pair with the Rose-faced Parrot (Pyrilia pulchra) of northwest South America. In contrast, the present species is distributed primarily over the Caribbean slope of Middle America, from eastern Mexico south to Panama, and extreme northern Colombia, and it is nowhere in contact with its closest relative. This parrot is primarily green with dark wingtips, some red feathering on the flanks and underwing, with a largely brown head, relieved by a pale patch of bare skin around the eyes, and a line of red feathers in the post-ocular region. The bill is pale. The Brown-hooded Parrot occurs in humid evergreen and cloud forests, and their borders, and is observed up to at least 1900 m, with some evidence of seasonal, altitudinal migrants.

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