Red-lored Parrot

Amazona autumnalis

Overview 1

Four subspecies of the Red-lored Parrot are recognized over its rather wide range, which extends over the Caribbean slope of Middle America, from eastern Mexico south to Panama, and in northern South America from northwest Venezuela somewhat discontinuously south to western Ecuador, with a highly disjunct population in the Amazon basin of northwest Brazil. All of the different races are largely green with an orange-red speculum (visible both at rest and in flight), but chiefly differ in the amount of red on the head, which varies from a being a narrow line over the lores and through the eye, to a substantial forehead and chin patch. Throughout its range, the Red-lored Parrot is found in wooded lowland habitats, although it is usually absent from large continuous expanses of forest. Local declines, for example in northeast Mexico and Venezuela, have almost certainly been wrought be excessive trapping for the pet trade.

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