Agami Heron

Agamia agami

Overview 1

The Agami Heron is a spectacular and unique heron of lowland primary forest in Central America and northern South America. Owing to its preference for thin streams and dense vegetation and its penchant for standing extremely still for great lengths of time, this bird can often be very difficult to see away from known rookeries. The Agami Heron forages solitarily but breeds in large (up to 900 nests) rookeries during the wet season, but very few colonies are known for this species, further contributing to its enigmatic status over much of its range. In plumage, the Agami Heron is certainly one of the most brilliant of the Ardeids. The combination of light and dark blue and green on chestnut provide a background for electric blue feathers on the side of the neck, which can appear to glow unto themselves in a the low-light understory. The Agami Heron sits motionless on the banks of small creeks and waits for passing fish (especially Cichlids), which it lunges at and spears with its extremely long, slender bill.

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