Blue-winged Teal

Anas discors

Overview 1

A neotropical migrant duck, the Blue-winged Teal can be found in marshes, pools, swampy grasslands, and flooded meadows. A small duck, the adult male can be distinguished by the conspicuous white crescent in front of the eye, the broad, white band on the hind flanks, and the pale, gray-blue forewing, giving the species its common name. The Blue-winged Teal forages on aquatic plants and invertebrates, especially molluscs and crustaceans. During the nonbreeding season, large numbers migrate to the neotropics, concentrating in areas as far south as northern Brazil. They have even been reported further south in Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. Despite extensive hunting pressure throughout their range, the Blue-winged Teal remains extremely abundant in the Americas; recent population estimates have numbered this species at over nine million individuals.

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