Yellow-crowned Parrot

Amazona ochrocephala

Overview 2

Widely distributed over the northern two-thirds of South America, south as far as northern Bolivia, and over much of Panama, the Yellow-crowned Parrot is well named for the fact that the yellow on the head, which characterizes the superspecies group, is generally limited to the bird’s forehead. However, the subspecies Amazona ochrocephala xantholaema, which is apparently confined to the Ilha do Marajó, in the delta of the Amazon River, has an extensively yellow face. The rest of the species’ plumage is largely green with a red speculum and small patch at the wing-bend, a pale orbital ring, and some blue above the bill and the face. The largely green tail has a paler tip, like other members of the superspecies.

Photograph 2

This photo was not taken at Cocobolo but Yellow-crowned Parrot have been seen/hear there. The photo was taken at the Embera Village.

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