Flora of Denmark WA - Hypolaena

Hypolaena from the Greek hypo, under and chlaina, a cloak. Refers to the glumes at the base of the spikes.

The following table lists the Hypolaena species which are shown by Florabase to have been collected in Denmark Shire. The second column shows whether the species was included in the book Flora of the South West and under what name if different.

Hypolaena Species of Denmark WA
Species Included Notes
caespitosa Yes As H. caespitosa ms
Described in Telopea 10:576,Figs 2A-D (2004)
exsulca Yes
fastigiata Yes
grandiuscula No Described in Telopea 10:576–579,Figs 3A-E (2004)
pubescens Yes

H. grandiuscula

From Telopea: Hypolaena grandiuscula resembles H. fastigiata in its ascending rhizomes and general habit, but differs in the slender orange-brown female spikelets with tepals to 4 mm long (when fruiting) and males with glumes all fertile. It occurs in the south-west of Western Australia on sandy soils from near Busselton to east of Denmark but appears to be rare throughout its range. Hypolaena fastigiata has dark red-brown female spikelets with tepals to 1 mm long and males with few to many sterile lower glumes per spikelet; it occurs in the south of Western Australia and in eastern Australia from South Australia and Victoria to Tasmania, and through coastal districts to south-eastern Queensland.

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