Flora of Denmark WA - Leptocarpus

Leptocarpus from the Greek lepto, thin and carpus, fruited.

The following table lists the Leptocarpus species which are shown by Florabase to have been collected in Denmark Shire. The second column shows whether the species was included in the book Flora of the South West and under what name if different. There were many changes to the genus, transfers mainly from Meeboldina, as a result of an article in Telopea Vol 16 19–41 (2014).

Leptocarpus Species of Denmark WA
Species Included Notes
coangustatus Yes As Meeboldina coangustata
denmarkicus Yes As Meeboldina denmarkica
laxus Yes As Leptocarpus diffusus
roycei Yes As Meeboldina roycei
scariosus Yes As Meeboldina scariosa
scoparius Yes As Stenotalis ramosissima
(Slender Twine Rush)
tephrinus Yes As Meeboldina tephrina
thysananthus Yes As Meeboldina thysanantha ms
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Are you going to find them all 😁 this is exciting!

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I can probably find several of them at least but knowing I've found them is a different matter 😄

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