Calothamnus species in Fitzgerald River and surrounds

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The purpose of this post is to gather some information about the Calothamnus species in Fitzgerald River and surrounds to facilitate their identification.

Twelve species of Calothamnus are shown by Florabase to be in the area (shires of Jerramungup, Kent, Lake Grace and Ravensthorpe). I have shown the Local Government Areas in which the species occur as the area is so large:

Calothamnus Species Melaleuca Species Common name LGA
affinis relativa J
gibbosus protumida J,LG.R
gracilis gracilis J,K,LG,R
huegelii caroli-huegelii J,K,LG,R
macrocarpus macrocarpa R
pinifolius peucophylla Dense Clawflower J,R
planifolius planifolia K
quadrifidus quadrifidus       quadrifida quadrifida       One-sided Bottlebrush J,K,LG,R
quadrifidus seminudus quadrifida seminuda One-sided Bottlebrush LG,R
roseus rosea R
sanquineus eriocarpa Silky-leaved Blood flower       J,
validus valida Barrens Clawflower J,R
villosus hislopii Silky Net-Bush J,K,R


  • Floral parts 5
    • Hypanthium immersed in rachis
      • Stem thickened, corky: gibbosus
      • Stem slender, not corky: gracilis
    • Hypantium not immersed in rachis
      • Fruit 13–17mm long: macrocarpus
      • Fruit 10mm long or less: villosus
  • Floral parts 4
    • Hypanthium immersed in rachis
      • Leaves flat: planifolius
      • Leaves terete
        • Hypanthium fully or mostly immersed: huegelii
        • Hypanthium more than half free: affinis
    • Hypanthium not immersed in rachis
      • Staminal claws markedly unequal (and united for most of length): sanguineus
      • Staminal claws roughly equal
        • Leaves flat (possibly only very slightly): quadrifidus
          • Mature leaves glabrous: quadrifidus quadrifidus
          • Mature leaves scabrid or hairy: quadrifidus seminudus
        • Leaves terete
          • Leaves pungent: pinifolius
          • Leaves not pungent
            • Leaves 2.5–4.5cm long, stamens deep pink: roseus
            • Leaves 1.2–2.2cm long, stamens red: validus
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