Sphenotoma Species and key

Updated 1/3/2024. Index to my other posts.

The purpose of this post is to gather some information about the Sphenotoma species and provide a key to facilitate their identification.

To assist with the Fitzgerald River and Surrounds project I have shown the relevant Local Government Areas in which the species occur (shires of Jerramungup, Kent, Lake Grace and Ravensthorpe):

Sphenotoma Species       Common name LGA
capitata J (not per Florabase but collected there),R
dracophylloides       J,R
drummondii Mountain Paper-heath       None
gracilis Swamp Paper-heath None
parviflora None
sp. Stirling Range None
squarrosa R


  • Upper leaves of flowering shoots usually small, erect and appresed to stem
    • Lower leaves recurved (all leaves recurved on new growth): gracilis
    • Lower leaves not recurved
      • Lower leaves 40–80mm long, robust shrub in grevices on granite: drummondii
      • Lower leaves 35mm long or less
        • Corolla lobes 5–8mm long about equal to tube: capitata
        • Corolla lobes 2–3mm long much shorter than tube: parviflora
  • All leaves spreading
    • Bracts small: sp. Stirling Range
    • Bract large, especially in lower part of inflorescence
      • Corolla lobes 3–3.5mm long shorter than tube: squarrosa
      • Corolla lobes 5mm long about as long as tube: dracophylloides
        Note that leaves of squarrosa are longer than dracophylloides and recurved. Flower spikes of squarossa in spike whereas those of dracophylloides in almost globular head.
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