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Andersonia is named after several botanists called Anderson.

The following table lists the Andersonia species which are shown by Florabase to have been collected in Denmark Shire. The second column shows whether the species was included in the book Flora of the South West and under what name if different.

Andersonia Species of Denmark WA
Species Included Notes
auriculata Yes
Yes See note below
geniculata Yes As A. geniculata ms
Nuytsia 17:202–204, Fig. 3 (2007)
hammersleyana Yes As A. hammersleyana ms
Nuytsia 17:207–210, Fig. 5 (2007)
micrantha Yes
redolens Yes As A. redolens ms
Nuytsia 17:205–207, Fig. 4 (2007)
sp. Amabile Yes
sp. Frankland Yes
sp. Jamesii No See note below
sp. Mitchell River No See note below
sp. Virolens Yes
sprengelioides Yes

A. caerulea

This is a very variable species. This quote from Lemsom—Current Problems in the Taxonomy of Andersonia (Annals of Botany 77: 323–326, 1996), gives an indication why this is so:

“…the merging of seven taxa into A. caerulea R.Br. (Watson, 1962) resulting in a taxon with a broad range of variation, and a large volume of quite disparate material has since been referred to it. It now seems clear that A. caerulea sensu Watson (1962) encompasses several groups. While some of Watson’s recombinations might be justified from herbarium specimens, not all of his changes to A. caerulea are supported by observations of live plants.”

sp. Jamesii

Per Brenda Hammersley collection record: Erect to straggling, most plants 40–60 cm high, the tallest 1.2 m. Flowers deep blue, sepals pink. Confined to an area of very shallow sand and surface laterite. In Jarrah forest with Isopogon formosus, Astroloma pallidum, Grevillea depauperata and Agonis hypericifolia.

sp. Mitchell River

From Florabase profile: Low, spreading, cushion-like shrub, 0.05–0.4 m high. Fl. blue/blue-white-pink, Jun to Sep. Grey sand over laterite or granite.

Per Brenda Hammersley collection record: Spreading small shrub 30 to 40 cm. Flowers blue, sepals paler blue.

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