Full Moon Tide: August 28 2015

The tide under a full moon, August 28 2015.


My original intention here was to capture the tide at its main intervals, to create a place-based schematic of the intertidal for a field guide I was working on. So I divided up my day and the tide into four intervals, defining the lower lowtide line, the upper lowtide line, the midtide line, and upper tide line.

With these photos I was able to create a schematic of the cove, divided into the lowtide, midtide and hightide zones. I chose a good day for it! The tide ranged from 0.6 m to 3.1 m (2.5m).

It was fun scheduling my field work around the tide, playing in tide pools and going for hikes, then hurrying back to be sure I was there at the right time to snap the photo.

On Galiano there is a semi-diurnal tidal cycle with two high tides and two low tides occurring every ~25 hours. Those who know tides will know that the greatest volume of water (1/2 the total tidal flux) comes in during the middle 1/3 interval, according to the Rule of Twelfths. The pattern is perfectly evident in this time-lapse series.

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super cool. great use of the time lapse! how many ft does the tide rise and drop in this spot?

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