Ants! Bees! Wasps! Oh, and Sawflies!

I’ve decided I want to be able to tell them apart from one another, at least some.
So this is what I’m doing with my free time- deep diving into some extremely useful links I found on the iNat forums.

Soon I may be able to tell the difference between an ant and a wasp- how exciting. :)

Publicado el agosto 25, 2022 02:57 MAÑANA por creepthecreek creepthecreek


How wonderful! If you don't mind sharing the links to the articles you have photographed, I'd love to read those too.

Publicado por artofexplora hace más de 1 año

@artofexplora sure thing! All 3 sections shown in the photo are printed from the same 600 page Hymenoptera guide-

Enjoy :)

Publicado por creepthecreek hace más de 1 año

@creepthecreek Thank you so much, this is great!

Publicado por artofexplora hace más de 1 año

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