iNaturalis / Master Naturalist potluck at the Zilker Botanical Garden January 23rd 2024

Hi, you are invited to a potluck hosted by the Zilker Botanical Gardens on January 23rd for people interested in nature and connecting! Please RSVP with this link! Please add others if you think they would be interested in attending!

Event Date/Time: Tuesday, January 23, 2024 (6-8:30 pm) CST
What to Expect: Social, Potluck, Native Bee and Wasp Bee-ingo Game, Special Naturalist Presentation, Learn about Volunteering at Zilker Botanical Garden for your MN hours or just to get outside and learn more about nature! All are welcome, but the event has a cap of 100 participants, so RSVP ASAP!
Event Address: Zilker Botanical Garden in the Auditorium, 2220 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78746
Contact us at (512) 477- 8672 or

Please RSVP with this link!

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Publicado por currenfrasch hace 8 meses
Publicado por currenfrasch hace 8 meses

Sounds wonderful! I'm going to add it to my calendar. Thanks!

Publicado por mikef451 hace 8 meses

This sounds nice, I plan to be there.

Publicado por annikaml hace 8 meses

I will put this down as a possibility.

Publicado por bacchusrock hace 8 meses

Sounds like fun, putting on my calendar. Thanks for inviting me!
@kip_lary you might be interested too...

Publicado por arnanthescout hace 7 meses

Taking the new NT Master Naturalist incoming class headshots that day, but thanks for the tag, @annikaml .

Publicado por inhat83 hace 7 meses

I just realized this is a Tuesday. Sadly, I won't be able to make that work for me with work commitments.

Publicado por bacchusrock hace 7 meses

@currenfrasch any considerations in terms of allergies (peanuts/tree nuts, etc?). I'm not allergic to anything, but just want to be considerate in regards to bringing potluck dishes :)

Publicado por arnanthescout hace 7 meses

Hey everyone, don't forget to put this on your calendar! It's in just a few weeks!

Publicado por currenfrasch hace 6 meses

Don't forget about tonight's event at Zilker Botanical Garden at 6:30! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Publicado por currenfrasch hace 5 meses

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