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In the last several months I've thought about how I collect data in the field. The first part was improving ventral views by getting more light on the subject, eliminating reflections on a glass bottom, and using a container with inward sloping sides so the subject wasn't as inclined to try climbing the walls. The latest step involved improvements on dorsal views. I took photos of spiders in a pint Tupperware container, a gallon ice cream tub, and a gray mixing bowl. Having bright outdoor lighting and holding the subject and camera still were extremely important in all cases.

The mixing bowl handled the spiders best. They walked up the side until they started to slip and then held their position. It was fairly easy to get close for a a direct dorsal photo, and the spiders were posed in a fairly flat, natural pose. However, gray was a poor choice and caused harsher shadows. Next attempt with compare the gray bowl with a white one. Fortunately the 3-bowl set I bought at Wamart included both. Ultimately, a bowl with white walls and a gray center may be best. Placing one or more 3/4" diameter stickers on the bottom will allow the spiders length to be easily scaled.


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What's your choice of container for underside view?

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Upside down disposable plastic glass with bottom removed to contain spider, window glass bottom, wood frame.

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