Plestiodon dicey y Plestiodon brevirostris

Previously the populations of Plestiodon brevirostris in Nuevo León were cataloged under the subspecies P. b. pineus and P. b. dicei. According to Feria-Ortiz et al. (2011) a species limitation approach was performed by using mitochondrial DNA sequences obtaining samples from different populations (assigned to different subspecies) of P. brevirostris in Mexico. The results showed that P. brevirostris had at least 5 different lineages. The data could not clarify the situation of P. b. pineus and P. b. dicei as two different species or one, on the other hand, it was determined that both groups are different from P. brevirostris. Finally, it was decided to raise Plestiodon dicei to a species level, and considering P. b. pineus as a synonym of P. dicei.
The latest studies on the general herpetofauna of the state of Nuevo León are considered only to P. diceni (Nevárez-de los Reyes et al., 2016; Lemos Espinal et al., 2016) and therefore all the observations referred to P. brevirostris in Nuevo León and Tamaulipas should change to P. dicei.

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