Heading out of my Pacific coast comfort zone

It seems like it's the season for the road trip and I see many of my fellow iNat'rs posting observations from all over the country. I am wrapping up my sea otter work here in SLO county and heading out on an 8800 mile road trip across the country and back with Harry the beagle and my Tacoma Emmy and her new (used) cab-over camper, Pagoo. I'll be taking a hiatus from sea otter research during that time, or at least trying to, and focusing on experiencing new places, people, adventures and, most of all, wildlife! Narrative writing and other creative endeavors will be taken out of the cold storage of the back of my brain where they have be relegated in favor of science for the last 13 years. I am so excited to find new creatures and plants, but simultaneously terrified to be tasked with identifying stuff way, way, way outside my cozy little comfort zone on the Pacific coast. I feel somewhat less terrified knowing that the company of iNat experts have my back! I apologize in advance for the inevitable egregious errors and also thank-you in advance for correcting them!

Here's a link to my route, if you're interested and/or have any "must see" suggestions along the way: https://roadtrippers.com/trips/gena-and-harry-look-for-america/538ca7142b939f063e000202

And the blog:http://genaandharrylook.blogspot.com/

See you along the way!


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