A Sight for Sori

My appreciation for the native fern species that line some of my favorite central coast trails has grown over the last year. A recent fern-drenched hike at Delaveaga Park in Santa Cruz prompted my latest blog entry: http://genaandharrylook.blogspot.com/

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When I started taking botany classes, I took a closer look at the Pinnacles plant checklist. For such a dry place, I was amazed at how many fern species are found there. I set out to find them all. I think I still have one or two to go!

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I saw Cheilanthes on the Pinnacles list and was hoping to see them, but no luck. I think I may have seen them on one of our hikes---maybe the Kern count? Which ones haven't you found?

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It's been a long time. Not sure. Maybe one of the Cheilanthes. There is one species that is supposedly represented at Pinnacles on one rock face. Someone pointed it out to me from the ground, 20 feet below. Maybe Fragile Fern. Not sure if that counts as seeing it.

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