List of ID reference and download links

Under Ongoing Construction

GBIF | Global Biodiversity Information Facility
ADU Virtual Museum
Speciesfiles of various smaller orders, eg cockroaches, aphids, mantids

Plants of southern Africa
Plants of the World Online (Kew)
Easy identification of some South African wetland plants (pdf, 69MB, Water Research Commission) (Sedges, rushes etc)
Easy identification of Aquatic Plants (pdf, Dept Water Affairs)
Helichrysum key for southern Africa
Zimbabwe Flora Very useful for ZA too
Identification guide to southern African grasses An identification manual with keys, descriptions and distributions

A Visual Guide to the Damselflies and Dragonflies of South Africa

Manual of Afrotropical Diptera Vol 1
Manual of Afrotropical Diptera Vol 2
Wing venation of Eupeodes corollae p14
Syrphidae checklist of South Africa
Fly antenna ID guide

Heteroptera of Tswalu Game Reserve (photographs) Dawid Jacobs
Lygaeoidea (Seed bugs) speciesfile

Orthoptera Species File
Orthoptera Checklist, compiled by Corey Bazelet
African Tetrigidae Günther K. 1979. Die Tetrigoidea von Afrika südlich der Sahara. (210MB)

Afrotropical Flea beetle genera
Afrotropical Galerucinae (good for Monolepta)
Clytrinae by Medvedev and Erber for Antipus rufus
Annotated review of Cryptocephalinae (Clytrini), Synetinae and part of Galerucinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) described by Carl Peter Thunberg Jan BEZDĚK
Cassidinae of the World
African Eumolpinae
Key to Lycus species - Mike Bate's journal

African Moths (good for thumbnail pages but taxonomy is out of date)
AfroMoths (searchable, up to date taxonomy)

Bee genera of South Africa
Geographical distributions of Bembix in southern Africa, with notes on biology (click on photos for high-res versions)

The introduced terrestrial mollusca of South Africa by D.G. Herbert

Publicado el 26 de octubre de 2019 por jane_trembath jane_trembath


Awesome! Thank you Jane. A very useful list. I started a draft one a few months back, hoping it would prompt me to get cracking with it, but it still sits unpopulated, with the exception of the Damselflies and Dragonflies website.

Publicado por leejones hace más de 3 años (Marca)

Lee, if you come across any other useful ID links please advise! I will be building this one over time.

Publicado por jane_trembath hace más de 3 años (Marca)

I will happily push them your way. Makes far more sense to build a single list. Thanks!!

Publicado por leejones hace más de 3 años (Marca)

Another one for you? Not South African but global.

Cryptocephalinae of the World:

which includes a sizeable media gallery:

Publicado por leejones hace más de 3 años (Marca)

Thanks Lee. Lots of lovely photos. Wish we had something like this for southern Africa.

Publicado por jane_trembath hace más de 3 años (Marca)

I suspect these sorts of collections are growing. One of the biggest challenges is to keep them updated. One of the reasons why these platforms (such as iNat) are so exceptionally useful, because there is active curation for many of the taxa and loads of 'eyes on'.

As more specialists and taxonomists see the value of these sorts of repositories iNat (and other citizen science platforms) will likely be some of the most up-to-date resources? I wonder.

I love it when Wongun or John Ascher (for example) start to ID their special groups. Suddenly, a whole load of observations get kicked into a different family, genus or subgenus and things become just that much more clear.

Publicado por leejones hace más de 3 años (Marca)

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